“It was a privilege to be able to support the implementation of Margaret’s Drawing Memories program at a residential aged care facility and in a community setting. Margaret’s planning, insight into dementia, artistic appreciation and ability to engage older people in an exploration of art showed physical, mental and emotional benefits to participants.  A program that facilitates the chance to discover or rediscover the beauty and power of art is a powerful one and I recommend Margaret’s program to anyone who is serious about person centred care and exploring the possibilities of meaningful activities for older people.”

Robyn Blackwell

Former Regional Executive Manager, Uniting:

“I have enjoyed your personality and the goodness you have brought us.”


Carer, Healthy Living for Seniors, Uniting.

“I saw Syd today for a Review – he said he was excited to tell his daughter and me about his clay chain, and painting to the music and how impressed everyone was with his drawings”

Chris Cue

Service Co-Ordinator - Lake Macquarie Healthy Living For Seniors Program

“The clay one was the first time I could sit down and not be interrupted by anything – it was fantastic! It was like sitting down in a pottery class with a group of friends – and they seemed to open up a bit more – they look at me and think yeh, she’s one of us and not an authority figure.”


Leisure and Lifestyle Officer, SummitCare

“See there was Lee, he was grumpy, and he had a right to be angry …  but look what happened when we sat him down and he started painting. You saw the change in him. He was the last to leave and I said his lunch was getting cold. So you see that behaviour change.”


Leisure and Lifestyle Officer, SummitCare

“It’s all about having a go”

Margaret B.

Resident, SummitCare

“I can’t understand how you can think of so many different things to do”

Jean T.

1:1 client, Greenmount Gardens, Anglican Care

“How lucky we are to have you Margaret Rolla, bringing such meaningful connection to our elders as we live under the Covid Curtain.”

Maurie Voisey-Barlin

Creative Engagement Specialist, Outside-in Collective

“It’s more like a respite and a learning curve for ourselves”. “It’s like somebody’s stepped into our role and now we can go and play too.”


Leisure and Lifestyle Officer, SummitCare

“You’re like a product and that it’s a stimulating product that brings things out that we can’t because of lack of time – you bring something new to the table.”


Leisure and Lifestyle Officer, SummitCare