Sensory Art Programs

Artintuit activities support psychosocial needs and enhancing emotional wellbeing through sensory enrichment and social connections.
Artmaking has proven meditative effects that calm the mind, reducing stress and anxiety while honing coping skills.

Programs are designed for people in aged care, disability care, as well as older people in the community.

Aged Care Programs

Disability Care Programs

Community Programs

A Taste of Artintuit

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Artmaking that's influenced through intuitive and spontaneous felt sense of experience.

Who is Artintuit for?

Artintuit programs are designed especially for older people, as well as people with dementia and disability.

I work closely with aged care and disability service providers who genuinely value the arts and are committed to providing an innovative model of care. I empower executive staff and leisure and lifestyle teams to build creative, healthy, thriving communities for their residents and clients.

  • Individuals*
  • Care organisations
  • Community groups

Artmaking activities can be provided in the home or share housing, in day care and residential facilities.

Community group sessions can be anywhere, including galleries, museums, seniors’ clubs and associations, and men’s sheds.

Do you need a creative outlet in your retirement living complex? I can provide a fun activity for your business’ professional development day.

Shared art experiences have a wonderful way of bringing people together.

Programs are delivered in person across the Northern Rivers Region and the lower Gold Coast from Burleigh Heads to Byron Bay. Online options are also available for 1:1 or group sessions. 

* Individual sessions can be funded through your self-managed NDIS plan.

How does it work?

are Artintuit is designed with the needs of busy carers and lifestyle staff in mind.

  1. Contact me for a friendly (and free!) chat about your activity needs
  2. Your program is customised in liaison with your team
  3. Art materials provided
  4. I set up, facilitate then clean up afterwards
  5. Reporting can be provided upon request

It’s all done for you!

Let’s chat about sensory art activities for your people.