Frequently Asked Questions

How does art help people with dementia?

People living with dementia and disability often experience loneliness, boredom and frustration because they struggle to express themselves and connect with others through verbal communication. Creating art, particularly drawing, lets them reconnect with themselves and others through expressive, multi-sensory activities.  Artmaking stimulates the brain, calms agitation, supports fine and gross motor skills, and helps people flourish with a sense of self-worth and belonging.

How do your programs comply with the Aged Care Quality Standards?

Artintuit aged care programs address 6 of the 8 Australian Aged Quality Care Standards through safe, inclusive and person-centred programs that improve the overall health and wellbeing of participants. Learn about Artintuit and compliance with The Aged Care Quality Standards compliance page.

Do I need to be good at drawing?

No, not at all! With Artintuit, artmaking is accessible for everybody, at any level of cognitive and physical ability. All humans are creative beings, and art is a wonderfully gratifying way to express our inner thoughts and feelings. Each session focusses on the process rather than the end result. JOY is found in the JOurneY, not the destination!

Why are the programs drawing-based?

Drawing is a natural process for humans. From infancy, we begin by grabbing a drawing tool and making marks on paper (or kitchen walls!).  For people who can’t express themselves using words and actions, drawing is a wonderfully direct form of self-expression.

How are the programs multi-sensory and multimedia?

While drawing is at the heart of Artintuit, all programs offer a broad variety of materials from crayons to clay and paint to iPads. This allows every person the opportunity to explore artmaking in various forms. Each session includes a curio and always a playlist tailored to the individual’s preferences. This ensures that at least one or all of the hearing, visual, smell or touch senses is stimulated. Multi-sensory activities help stimulate the senses and revive memories, alongside the calming, meditative effects of artmaking.

What is a Creative Engagement Specialist?

A person who provides individualised social interaction as a therapeutic tool for people living in aged care. They have diverse backgrounds in drama, visual arts, dance and music, as well as expertise in connecting with older people living with dementia.

We already have a volunteer artist that comes to us. How are you different?

To ensure a safe, accessible and compassionate art space, it is crucial for the artist to have training in the understanding of dementia. As a trained creative engagement specialist, with a long career in teaching, provides me with the basic tools of empathy, non-judgement and playfulness – with realistic expectations for the various levels of cognition. My approach is to have fun and not be concerned with producing finished results, which promotes a therapeutic experience when the pressure is taken off! The activities go beyond typical colour-in templates (which are fine things to have as an easy go-to), but these researched and tested activities are uniquely designed and themed to target problem-solving and independent decision-making.

What’s the pricing of ArtIntuit programs?

Because all programs are customised for your needs, the best way to learn about pricing is to get in touch <contact page> for a chat – with no obligations, and all questions welcome. I endeavour to work out a program that fits in with your budget whenever possible.

How do you manage agitation and behaviours?

The programs are facilitated with at least one leisure and lifestyle officer in attendance. They are there to assist with the personal care and safety of each resident during the session. The meditative and calming qualities of artmaking, along with meaningful activities that engage, has shown to reduce the levels of agitation and associated behaviours on many occasions, avoiding the need for intervention.

How long is each session?

The length of each session varies for your needs and format. To give you an idea, I commonly run 1 hour sessions for aged care facilities, and 2 hour community workshops for seniors. However, day workshops can run for 4 – 5 hours.

Do I need to commit to a minimum number of sessions?

You can choose one stand-alone session, or as many as you like! It really depends on your needs, the organisation’s or those of people in your care. I do believe that regular artmaking sessions offered in the extended programs provide the greatest benefit for improving overall health and wellbeing. The longer the program, the better it is to evaluate its effectiveness for assessor approval and best practice.

Where do you offer Artintuit programs?

Artintuit programs can be held in residential care facilities, share housing and day care facilities, as well as in the community: retirement living, men’s sheds, libraries, community centres, museums, galleries and clubs. 

Do staff need to deliver ArtIntuit programs?

I facilitate all programs, with the assistance of a lifestyle officer/carer to monitor the wellbeing of their client or resident. Overseeing the session allows staff to observe and get inspired by discovering new ways to connect with their people.

Do staff have to set up and clean up for art activities?

Delightfully, no! All set up and clean up is included, meaning your staff are free to focus on the people in their care.

Are materials provided?

I provide all materials, except for online programs.

Do you have COVID-friendly options?

Artinuit programs cater for most residential lockdowns, whether it’s an outbreak of gastro, flu or Covid-19. Online delivery is available, along with an exciting option, Glass Canvas, if visitation is allowed from outside the windows of the facility.

What if I live/work remotely?

Online delivery is available for one-on-one and group sessions, giving people in regional and remote areas the chance to enjoy all the benefits of guided artmaking.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment options include Paypal, or electronic funds transfer. Online payment facilities will be available soon!

What is your favourite flower?

Hmmm. The sunflower of course! It represents joy, happiness and longevity. It brightens your mood through its vibrant yellow, it nourishes through its edible seeds and it seeks positivity and strength as it turns to follow the sun. What better way to encapsulate the values of Artintuit?